How To Start a Window Cleaning Business in Just a Week

window cleaning business

Window Cleaning Business

Window cleaning can be quite profitable. Window cleaners, on average, make $40 to $70 an hour. You’re your own boss and you work when you want to work. Well, that sounds pretty good. But won’t it take a long time to get started? Won’t there be lots of classes to take and so on? Not at all. In fact, you could have your window cleaning business up and running within a week. Here’s how to do it.

First, gather your supplies. You’ll need squeegees, scrapers, scrubbers, soap solution, a bucket, an extension pole and a ladder and more. Don’t worry, make a list and you’ll have the items checked off in no time. Won’t this all be expensive? Well, it will likely cost about $600 to get all theses supplies, but when you consider how much money you can make from window cleaning, you can make all the money back with just a few jobs. If you’re on a tight budget, you can buy just the basic supplies to get you started for around $200.

Okay, but what about classes and all the training you have to do? There is no training required. There is no certification or classes necessary to clean windows. In fact, you can learn how to clean windows (and it’s not too difficult anyway) from watching free videos online. Visit YouTube and type in “window cleaning techniques” or “window cleaning tips,” and you can learn how to clean windows from the experts. The window cleaning business is a learn-while-you-earn job, so you can see your skills continue to improve as you clean more windows.

Next, set up the home business part of it. Make sure you have a good telephone, perhaps one just for your window cleaning business. It’s especially important to be

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organized too. Have a reliable schedule handy (whether it’s a day planner or something on your computer) and be sure to develop a way to keep track of your customers. This is also a good time to decide the legal structure of your business for tax purposes. Is it a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company?

Now, start advertising! Flyers will probably be your best bet. Target upscale neighborhoods as these homeowners will be more likely to have money to spend on window cleaning, especially several times a year. Simply drop a flyer on their front step or in their screen door and you’re set. Many window cleaners run a regular ad on, which is free. If you choose to advertise in the Yellow Pages, consider putting an “A” or “AAA” in front of your business name. People looking for window cleaners are likely to look towards the top of the window cleaning listings to find one to call. Oh yes, that’s another thing: have a catchy name! A good name will be easy to remember and will make it more likely you’ll be the one to get a call.

With just a little work every day you could be on the way to starting a window cleaning business in about a week. Soon those calls will be coming in. Have your phone ready, have your schedule ready, and get ready to see those profits piling up. To learn more about starting a window cleaning business of your own, read Profitable Window Cleaning.