5 Free Ways To Build Your Window Cleaning Business

5 free ways to build your window cleaning businessThere are several ways to build your window cleaning business. Unfortunately, the majority of them will cost you money. So, how do you get the word out and add to your client base without blowing your budget or spending your entire profit doing so? I have a handful of suggestions that will ensure that you will stay in business and increase your business with little or no cost to you. Here they are:

1 – Claim Your Place

Google Places is a great online marketing tool. While it is primarily designed to put your business on a map of your community, it does a whole lot more and it does it for free. When you ‘claim’ your business listing you can add photos, contact information and a few more pieces of information that will help your customers and potential customers connect with you. It is a tool that can be used on a home computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone,  so you are able to reach anyone connected to the internet.

2 – Partner Your Business

A great way to build your window cleaning business is to make a connection with another business or several businesses in your area who offer a logical match to your service. For example, a glass repair service or a lumber store that sells windows would all be good places to start. Another great resource is homebuilders, who need to have all the windows cleaned once the house is built, and before the customer moves in. Once you build a connection with these businesses, work on them referring customers to you. Remember to do the same. This builds your business at no cost to you.

3 – Adding Service

When you treat your customers well, they remember. When you are able to offer an additional service that is a natural extension of your current business, it brings you more business. A possible extra service you can offer along with your window cleaning business could be gutter cleaning or power washing of buildings. These offer additional services to existing customers and widen the spectrum of services that will attract new customers that may not otherwise support you because they would not require your window cleaning service. The idea is to add extra value to your offerings.

4 – Free Advertising Sources

At one point you will be faced with the decision to advertise your services in more traditional means. However, newspaper and radio advertising is not free. The alternative to this is through free classified advertising. Some newspapers provide space for this but your most effective source would be through free online advertising. There are several websites online that specialize in this. Just search for “free online classifieds” to find them.

5 – Put Another Blog On The Fire

Here’s a freebie that will also be fun for you – once you get the hang of it and develop a habit. Blogging online is huge. By using a free blog host (search online for them) you can start a blog for you window cleaning business in a matter of minutes. You can then focus on promoting your service in a format that gives you room to display part of your personality. The connections you will make through blogging will generate customers.

By using these five tips to build your window cleaning business, you will see an increase in business without spending anything but time. Talk about cost effective! These tips can work for your business or any other business opportunity that comes your way, Good luck and enjoy!