window cleaning business

You probably didn’t know that cleaning windows can be quite profitable. The national average pay for window cleaners is $40 to $70 an hour. That’s right, an hour! But you probably need a lot of training and expensive equipment, right? Nope. You don’t need any formal training or classes. It’s a learn-while-you-earn job.  As far as expenses go, you can gather a good starter kit of equipment for under $200. Do a few jobs and you’ll have made back that money in no time. It’s really that easy!

The tips to help get you started in your window cleaning business can be found in our  book, Profitable Window Cleaning: How to Start a Successful Window Cleaning Business on a Shoestring. This comprehensive guide can tell you everything you need to know. Soon you’ll be outside and making money.

Starting your own window cleaning business won’t take lots of time or put you way into debt. In fact, you can be up and in business in less than a week. Profitable Window Cleaning will tell you how. It gives you the tools to succeed in the window cleaning business..

Profitable Window Cleaning is the one-stop manual you need to get going. It’s a quick, fun read that you can complete in an afternoon. The information is clearly organized, and if you still want more, the book lists many additional resources available to you.

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