How To Set Up Your Own Window Cleaning Business Website For Under $100

Would you spend $100 to make an extra $8,000 next year?

Of course you would! I recently surveyed over 50 customers who purchased my window cleaning start-up guide and set up their own business. One of the questions was “How much extra income did you make after you set up your business web site?” The average increase in income was over $8,000!

What would you say if I told you I could show you how to promote your service to more potential clients than all advertising methods combined and that it will cost you under $100 to do it? Would you say I’m crazy?

Well, I am crazy about deals that can save small business owners some cash so they can keep more of it in their pockets so that is why I want to share with you how you can get a website for your window cleaning business for under $100. It’s all true and all within reach of the average new business owner.

But why do I think you need a website?

Simple. A website gives you a way to market your service to prospective new clients/customers. It also gives you a venue to educate consumers about the nature of your business and it gives all your customers – both current and new – a way to contact you.

But aren’t websites expensive?

Nope. Not anymore they aren’t. In fact, you can now put a website on the internet for as little as $10 a month. That’s not all, either. Even at that low price you will still have access to plenty of great web building, promoting and sharing tools at no extra cost.

What To Put In Your Website

There are a few basic things that need to be in your website in order for it to be effective in promoting your window cleaning business. Still, it will total only a handful of pages and that is enough for your service to be noticed on the internet. Before I breakdown the content pages you will need, take some time and look at other business websites. You will see a lot of differences between larger business websites and small business website. However, you should notice some similarities as well. I will focus on the simple similarity pages that you need to include in your website.

1 – Introduction Page

This page has several different names in the internet but it is quite simply the first page that you will see when you visit any website. It is the first impression you will get and it should say something about what the business is, what they do, where they are and some other basic information. Think of it as having the information on it you would offer someone at your first meeting with them.

2 – About Us

This page is where you would detail what your window cleaning business is all about. You would include your rates and fees, details on what kinds of package plans and discounts are available, the hours of business, places you service and those kinds of details.

3 – FAQ

A frequently asked questions page helps visitors to your website learn more about you. It also teaches them about your service and additional information that helps them to determine whether or not you can help them. The questions and answers can be listed out with maybe interesting facts about your business added to give it an informative touch.

4 – Testimonials

To show potential new customers how good a job your window cleaning business can do, a page of comments from happy customers can do wonders. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, but the more good feedback provided, the better your business will look to someone who has never worked with you.

5 – Contact Us

Here’s the most important page of all. This is where all your contact information goes. Add a photo or two of yourself with your family, one of you on the job and list all the ways in which you can be reached. If you have social media profiles or pages, list them here so potential new customers can check out what you do elsewhere on the internet.

Where Do You Put Your Website?

Now that you have a general idea of what things to put in your website pages, you now need to find a place to put your website. Companies that host websites provide a ‘space’ on the internet for you to park your website. It is called web hosting. There is free web hosting and paid web hosting.

While I will admit it is tempting to go with free web hosting, there are big advantages to going with one over the other. They are about as big as the differences and that is why I strongly suggest you use a paid web host program. Here’s why:

With paid hosting you can use and control your own web domain name (your website internet address). Paid hosting is not expensive and even the most basic of packages include several extras to enhance your website. Finally, paid hosting does not include free advertising placed on your website. Free hosts do this to help them cover the costs of giving you free hosting. When you sign up to a paid host, nothing appears on your website unless you put it there.

What Web Building Program Should You Use?

You will need to use some kind of program that is formatted to build webpages for your website. There are a number to choose from but I am particularly fond of WordPress. I like it for several reasons but probably my top one is that the system has thousands of different plugins with more being created almost daily. A plugin gives you something that helps to enhance your website so that you can personalize it to be exactly the way you want it to be.

My Top Picks

You already know I am a fan of WordPress. In addition to the plugins, there is a massive online community featuring WordPress users and developers you can speak with at any time about issues, concerns or just for help and feedback. There are also tons of free videos online about WordPress so if you are new to the program, you can learn before you start to use it.

As for hosting, I am a long-time and extremely happy user of Bluehost. They have a great system that provides a free domain name, one-click WordPress installation, numerous instructional videos, an incredible support service you can reach 24/7 and much more. In fact, if you click here to sign up with Bluehost you will receive a discount.

It’s an affiliate link which means I will receive a small referral fee for sending you to them. I would not recommend you using Bluehost if I was not a satisfied customer of their service.

Let’s Build Your Website

Your first step should be to visit Once there, click on the “Get Started Now” button which will send you to a different page. This page will give you the option of choosing a new domain name or using one you already own.



If you have not already registered a domain name for your window cleaning business, let me give you some ideas on how to pick one. You should try to keep it as short as possible – two or three words in length – and use words related to what your business is about. Try to keep the character count down but do not use slang, abbreviations or numbers to do this. Your web domain name should be easy to say, spell and remember and it should have a dot com at the end of it. Try to avoid any of the other dot extensions.

If you are having trouble coming up with a domain name, ask for input from friends and family. Also search online for “domain name generators” for additional assistance.

Pick Your Hosting Plan

After you’ve decided on your domain name, choose the hosting plan you plan to use with your website. I urge you to just go with the basic plan for a couple of reasons. First, it’s affordable. Second, it comes with a lot of extras that can help you and your website at no extra cost. Besides, if you think you need to upgrade sometime into the future, you can do that then.

Build Your Website

Using WordPress, and assuming you watched some videos on the process, you should be able to build the pages you decided you needed for you website earlier. Once you publish your website, it will be live and on the internet.

Extra Tips From Me

To give your website and window cleaning business a professional touch, why not have a logo created for it? It won’t cost much if you use one of the freelancers at In fact, you can get a great looking logo at Fiverr for as little as $5. It will be your very own logo that you can brand on all your promotional products and website.

Now that you have a website, how are others going to find it?

That’s easy. All you have to do now is include your new internet website address on all your promotional material. That includes on signs, car decals, business cards, receipts, website pages and wherever else you have been putting your window cleaning business contact information.

Now that your business has a website remember that it will be working for you 24/7. Plus, it may become outdated from time to time. This means you will have to monitor it to make sure information is current. For example, if your rates change, you will want to ensure the correct rates are posted on your website as well.

At one point you may want to add a blog page to your website. It’s easy to do and if you can keep adding a new blog post on a regular basis, it will help you connect with your customers on a completely different level. A website is a worthwhile expense for any size business.