Go The Extra Mile With Your Window Cleaning Business

window cleaning businessThere is something to be said about building good customer relations with your window cleaning business. When you provide a service that there is a demand for, you will see customers coming your way.

But when you do a little extra, in the form of customer service, you bring repeat business and new customers to your service. But how exactly do you do this? Here are a few tips that will help you to go that extra mile with your window cleaning business:

1 – Every Customer Is Important

Even if you have a particularly grumpy or difficult customer, you have to remember that each one of them is contributing to your business. It is through those contributions that you are able to own your own business, earn a decent wage, and live the life you are living as a result.

Without customers, you would have none of that. This is why you must remember that you should not argue with a customer nor should you treat them as if they are bothering you. Treat a customer as you would like to be treated when you are a customer somewhere else.

2 – Remember Something About Every Customer

When you are able to demonstrate the value of each customer by remembering something about them – their name, the name of their spouse or pet – then you are showing that you truly care about them. If you can recall something from the last conversation you had with them or something they had said or done to you or in your presence, it shows you are paying attention to details.

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it will be to your customers. Big giant corporations tend to treat customers like numbers and stats but when you can treat them like people and individually know something about each one, you have gone the extra mile and will reap rewards as a result.

3 – Be The Positive Light For Every Customer

One thing you may discover with your window cleaning business is that you may be the only person in contact with some of your older more senior customers on the day you are at their home. With seniors living longer and most often living alone, any form of social interaction can be a positive part of their day. That is why you should be as upbeat, happy and pleasant as you can be with each and every customer.

It doesn’t hurt to give your elderly customers a little more of your time because it will have such a significant impact on their day. When you and your business become associated with such positive reasons, you will stand out from competitors.

4 – Every Customer Can Become A Connection

Whenever you are able to provide one-on-one personalized service to a customer, you have opened the door to making a new friend. When you develop relationships with you customers you will begin to understand their needs better and connect with them in a way that will make you their logical choice over some other service providing much the same as your business.

The difference is that your customers can say they ‘know’ you and along with that comes trust and loyalty. These are difficult things for larger companies to earn because they don’t usually conduct business in a face-to-face personal basis. That gives you an advantage that helps you to connect with customers.

5 – Every Customer Can Bring New Customers

Here is the main spin off to providing customer service. Because all of your customers will talk about their activities with their friends and family, you want to be sure that the experiences they have with your window cleaning business are positive and friendly as opposed to difficult and problematic.

What they will tell others about interactions with you and the kind of service you provide can bring you new business if you have left a good impression. This is why you need to remember the way you treat your existing customers will have a ripple effect that goes beyond your existing client base.

They Call It The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile by doing something that is either not expected of you or not considered ‘part of the package’ can produce a great deal of activity related to your business. Good service usually results in repeat and increased business. Bad service does not. In order to ensure that your window cleaning business is a successful venture, all you have to do is to do that little extra.