Pick A Good Name For Your Window Cleaning Business With These Tips

how to pick a name for your window cleaning businessI know you have worked pretty hard already establishing your window cleaning business but there’s something you need to know. In order to be successful at this or any kind of business, you need a good name. I’m not just talking about having a good reputation – I’m saying that your business has to have the kind of name that stands out and helps your customers find you. Here are some tips to help save you time getting there:

1 – Tom’s Cleaning

When I say your window cleaning business needs a simple name, it needs one that says something about what your business is. While there is still a lot to be said about having a short business name, your business still needs to be identified by what it is. So, in the example of Tom’s Cleaning sort of hints at what the business is, it really doesn’t say enough. Does Tom clean floors? A better choice in this case would be Tom’s Window Cleaning.

2 – Tom’z Window Kleaning

Another thing to remember when working on a business name is to stay away from cute or unusual spellings. You need to think outside the box and consider if someone is looking for your business in a phone book (some people still use them) or an online directory of some kind. The precise spelling will be required and if you use Tom’z Window Kleaning to be unusual, it’s as good as unlisted or invisible to those searching online for “Tom’s Window Cleaning.”

3 – Tom’s Disco Window Cleaning

One trap to try to avoid when naming your window cleaning business is the one where trendy or fad names become tempting to use. While I admit they may sound as if you have a real connection to what is going on at that time the problem comes from what happens after that trend or fad disappears. In the example of Tom’s Disco Window Cleaning we have a business name that may have been effective for awhile but now it just sounds dated and old.

4 – Tom’s Window Cleaning of Houston

There is something to be said about keeping your business vision local and emphasizing that with all you do. One great way of getting that message across is in your window cleaning business name. Sometimes you just have to give potential customers a hint that you are the ‘local’ guy in business serving the residents of the same community you live in so, for example, Tom’s Window Cleaning of Houston clearly states that Tom’s window cleaning business services the Houston area.

I hope these simple tips give you a lot of great ideas on how to give your business the name that will make it prominent and attract customers. It is far easier to have a bad name that no one understands so if you are in business to earn an income and hopefully see a profit, one of the best ways to do that is with a business name that customers remember and says what your business is and where you conduct business.