Window Cleaning Business Secrets

window cleaning business

It’s not too difficult to become a success window cleaner. It’ll take a little hard work, but it’ll also just take trying some different things until you find what works best for you. But first, there are a few things you probably didn’t know about. Secrets that can help you make some big profits when cleaning windows for homeowners and businesses.

First of all, think about the rates you are charging. Some cleaners charge by the hour, but the best way is to charge by the window. And don’t forget, not all windows are equal. Windows on the second level or higher will be harder to clean. Keep in mind whether you can clean them using an extension pole or a ladder. Having to use a ladder will take more time than an extension pole, so you should charge more for windows where you have to use a ladder.

Experiment with your rates until you find a price that give you the most profit. Overall, you want to win about 80-85% of your bids. If you charge $8 a window and you win 100% of your bids, consider charging more. Charging a higher price might mean you won’t win every bid, but you can stand to make a much larger profit.

Next, be sure you have a good image. Like any business, image is everything. No, you don’t need to wear a suit to your window cleaning jobs, but don’t show up in filthy clothes. Consider wearing a polo shirt with your company name on it. Greet your customers with a smile. Arrive on time. Also, make sure your vehicle looks good. Consider purchasing magnetic signs for your vehicle that advertise your business and what it has to offer. These things will not only make your customers take you more seriously as a window cleaner, but might make them recommend you to their friends and continue using your services.,

Finally, consider offering add-on businesses. You don’t need to advertise these, but if customers ask if you do gutter cleaning, consider taking that on as well. If people learn you can provide multiple services in one visit, they will be more likely to keep using you. The average gutter cleaning job can cost your customers $125 and take 90 minutes. That’s more than $80 an hour!

After awhile, you could consider sending out a newsletter to your customers telling them of your additional businesses. You could find yourself quickly getting more work from your existing customers.

Taking advantage of these secrets can help you boost your window cleaning income. Try a few out. See what works for you and before long you’ll have a profitable window cleaning business. To learn more window cleaning “tricks of the trade”, read Profitable Window Cleaning.